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  1. Contact person: Mr he
  2. Tel: 13825780565
  3. Landline: 0769-8803187
  4. Address:Gaoke 5 Road, Xinlian Village,Humen Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
he vast majority of the company's products have passed CE, federal communications commission certification and meet the requirements of the European Union's relevant Environmental Protection Directive (WEEE&ROHS), and have a sound quality management system. KPI (Performance Management) and EPR management systems were successfully introduced in 2007. The out-of-box qualification rate of the products reached more than 99.95%, while that of Repair rate was less than 1%.

(1) the total process failure rate is controlled at the level of 500PPM;

(2) the delivery rate is 100%.


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